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Basic principles of Search Engine Optimization

  • The creation of a web presence is primarily for users, not search engines.
  • Avoiding tricks designed to improve search engine ranking.
  • We always have to be able to explain our approach to a competing website operator or a Google employee with a clear conscience.
  • Is the design of the website beneficial for the users?
  • Would I also design it like this if there were no search engines?
  • A website should be unique, rich in content, valuable and engaging.
  • A website should be designed so that it stands out from others in its field.

SEO areas

Usually search engine optimization is divided into the following areas:

  • Keywording: development of keyword strategies
  • Technical optimization such as sitespeed, crawling and indexing
  • On-Page optimization: content, metadata, structure
  • Content marketing: Attract users through meaningful content
  • Mobile SEO: Mobile optimization and mobile friendliness
  • Off-page optimization: internal and external linking
The above-mentioned subjects are carefully considered with every customer order.